Sexuality Health Education

THE Talk

Sexuality health education to parents.

Amma, where do babies come from?

Why does he look different than me?

What is fuck? why did you say that word?

That boy in my school bus told me this. Is it true?

Did you have a tiny heart attack at the thought of this conversation? Pretty much everyone does because it’s overwhelming and uncomfortable on a bunch of levels. Your parents probably didn’t talk to you about this, you feel weird talking about such a private thing, and maybe you have a shame hangover thanks to your upbringing, culture and lack of information.

As parents , we are all dreading ‘THE talk’. Most of us just say, “you are not old enough to know this” and distract them. But time and again, that has been proven to be the most ineffective way to deal with such questions and you know how children are eager to learn? So the child’s curiosity just builds up which lets them get the answer through other means. And by other means I say, peer group, other elders, media or even worse, porn.

Today we give a lot of importance to math & reading and skill building and extra curricular classes but don’t you think our kids deserve to be as smart about sexuality, love and relationships too? Of course, academics is important but we all know it is not as important as missing out on knowing about sex is, the confusions during puberty, what a healthy relationship looks like, your values and why it’s important to wait for sex. Think about it, sexuality effects our health and relationships for our whole lives – in really good ways and, sadly, sometimes in really bad ways.

Unlike our generation, today the means to gather information is manifold, and before our children get acquainted with sensitive topics from the outside world, we need to provide them that safe environment to communicate such topics, in the comfort of our homes.

Do you want to:

  • Do a better job of the sex talk than your parents did?
  • Prevent the Internet and your kid’s friends from being their first sex educators
  • Help your child go through puberty without shame and embarrassment
  • Talk openly with your kid about your values and expectations about sexuality and relationships
  • Look forward to these conversations (instead of dreading them!)

Now you have me hand holding you through this very sensitive and vulnerable phase of your parenting lives. I’m an internationally certified sexuality health educator who guides parents on what to talk, how to talk and when to talk about sex, body, love and relationships.

Come join me, let’s give a better childhood and adulthood to our little ones , far better than the ones we had.