Gender Sensitization

Gender Sensitization

What does it mean?

Gender sensitization means to become sensitive and aware of the bias applied to human based on their gender and working towards creating a healthy balance and equality for all humans.

Sounds too complicated? Let me explain with an example.

A man has to earn to run the family. A woman has to cook, clean and parent. These are the very basic roles assumed by genders in our society. Gender sensitization means to realise that both the genders can earn a living, cook, clean and parent. By realising this we are removing the preconceived notions on the behaviours of a man and woman and the jobs that they can do. Eventually our thoughts, attitude and perceptions about the genders and their capabilities will change.

Imagine a world where a man and a woman share earning, cooking, cleaning and shopping for grocery. Imagine a world where a woman is treated equal to a man in the work place. Imagine a world where the woman is judged based on her intelligence and not just good looks. Imagine a world where a man can cry, be vulnerable and gentle. Imagine a world where humans feel empowered choosing any role they want for themselves. Gender sensitization education hopes to make this a reality.

Culture and socialization is what defines the roles taken by the gender. By understanding this we will realize that these concepts can be changed and both the genders can explore any role they choose to take.

Since women are greatly affected by this bias, it may seem that they will benefit more from this. But let me be clear that women empowerment does not mean disempowering men and this program intends to bring about only equality among genders.

Why is it needed?

In a patriarchal country like ours, where gender stereotypes, discrimination, devaluation of women is very deeply ingrained in our thinking, it is imperative that we discuss and educate people on gender equality. Only when both the genders start questioning the roles given to them and have conversations around this, real change starts taking place.

Without working and educating on this aspect there will be no use in bringing women to the forefront and empowering them with financial freedom. Real empowerment of a woman will happen when she feels free, safe and valued at all times of her life. This is possible only when , even the men are involved and educated in this process. A man who questions and understands this bias will begin treating a woman as his equal and will work along with her.

Topics that we covered

Origin of patriarchy, misogyny and sexism
Gender stereotypes
Sexual abuse and harassment
Gender equality – how to begin
Gender neutral parenting
Workplace gender dynamics
Women empowerment

Who will benefit?

Actually, all of human kind. But to be more specific,
Associations and communities

What will change after the session?

Your perceptions, attitudes and way of thinking about yourself and the world
A balanced home life
A relaxed work space
Respect, understanding and empathy for both genders.