Behavior Profiling Analysis

Behavior Profiling Analysis

  • Would you like to understand yourself better?
  • Would you like to understand others better so that you can connect and communicate more quickly and effectively?
  • Would you like to behaviorally analyze your friends, co-workers or family so that the dynamics of relationships get smoother and simpler
  • Would you like to reduce conflict and stress in Interpersonal relationships?

If you answer YES to any one of the above questions, this is for YOU..!

The workshop uses the world’s most powerful psychometric tool devised by Dr. Marston and the content has been customized to be understood and applied by anyone.

This workshop has been effective for faculty in schools, colleges, corporate employees, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing, sales and HR professionals, psychologists, home makers, college students and school children. It fits everybody, and can be customized for anybody’s requirement.


The purpose of this workshop is to discover & describe your own external behavioral style. You will be able to identify and describe the major characteristics, needs, goals, fears, preferred environment, what situations one tends to avoid, strategies for increased effectiveness, motivating and de-motivating factors, and behaviour in conflict situations of all behaviour types.

  • A behaviour profiling session focuses on making the participant understand human behaviours, the reason why we react in a certain way, the cause for conflicts in family or workplace, and the methods on how to change/flex one’s behaviour according to the person whom you are interacting with and the situation you are in.
  • A behavioural test investigates propensities towards certain kinds of behaviour and styles of interaction with others, rather than measuring personality traits. Behaviour is regarded as more changeable than personality, since we can adapt our behaviour depending on what is required of us in a given situation or role. Behaviour is also observable. This means that it affects, and is affected by, those around us. This makes the process of understanding and adapting our actions a democratic one: whilst we wouldn’t ask others to tell us about our personalities, we often remark on one another’s behaviour.
  • Finally, behavioural tests can provide constructive feedback which directly informs the way an individual behaves at home/workplace. Personality is unlikely to change, so to dust off the cobwebs and get individuals and teams working more effectively, we need to focus on the point where changes can be made: our behaviour.

All people are not the same. So, a strategy that is very effective with one person can be disastrous with another. This aptly describes why parenting or marriage is a challenging task.

You can use ‘people-reading’ techniques to understand people and will also learn strategies for working effectively with different people based on understanding the needs of their behavioral style. In short I am going to give you a tool to see through people.


I am a Certified DiSC Behaviour Analyst (Thomas Profiling) from Maximum Potential Inc. Minnesota and over the past 8 years, I have personally conducted this workshop for thousands of participants (individual and group) as part of Corporate training, Marital counselling, Parenting workshops, student guidance counselling and guest lecturing. I consider this as the world’s most powerful tool to read people, from a very non judgemental and scientific perspective, and personally it changed my life.

In order to understand why you behave the way you do and why others behave the way they do, this workshop will provide you an answer. It will give you tremendous insights into one’s own life and life of others.


Personal Counseling

Marital Issues

Adolescent Guidance Counselling


College Students

Small Groups

Corporate Employees